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CompTIA Network+ Certification: Why You Should Get It and Tips on Achieving Exam Success

CompTIA Network+ Certification: Why You Should Get It and Tips on Achieving Exam Success
17 Sep

Technology has changed the world permanently. It has also changed the face of businesses, introducing measures that create easier systems. This technological evolution has necessitated more organizations to set up and manage networks. So, today, more than ever is the right time to get certifications that validate your networking skills and help you secure better-paying jobs. Hence, the importance of getting the CompTIA Network+ credential is obvious for those who want to advance their skills in this field.

CompTIA Network+ is an international badge that CompTIA A+ 220-1001 Certification is widely accepted as the gateway to broad career opportunities and higher-level professional networking certifications as it covers core knowledge and skills. Below, there are five benefits you gain once earning it.

5 Benefits of the CompTIA Network+ Certification
1. Securing Network+ enhances your IT skills, which are vital towards career growth
2. It opens more wide job prospects, especially with top companies with stringent requirements
3. The credential validates your knowledge of modern techniques and approaches, enhancing your credibility
4. It’s regarded as the industry standard and is accepted internationally
5. Obtaining the certification keeps you up to date with the newest technologies by making you a part of an accredited community

N10-007: CompTIA Network+ Exam
N10-007 is the exam you have to pass to obtain your CompTIA Network+. It covers a vast number of computer networking themes and is designed to prove that a candidate has the following required skillset and abilities:
● Designing and setting up networks
● Comprehending existing networks, identifying, troubleshooting faults
● Configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting network devices
● Integrating essential security protocols

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While the certification has no compulsory requirements, you should at least have the CompTIA A+ badge and prior experience handling IT networks to be eligible for the test. Plus extra 12% off On Certkiller
N10-007 has 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions and is provided in three languages, English, German, and Japanese. You’ll have only 90 minutes to complete all the tasks, and your score must be a minimum of 720 (out of 900), which is quite high. So, follow these tips to go through this process with ease.

Tips for Acing the N10-007 Exam at the First Attempt
1. Create a comprehensive study plan and prepare in line with it
2. Gather necessary preparation materials, August 12, 2020 including books, videos, and practice tests The latter are essential for your revision as they simulate the exam environment
3. Begin your studies way ahead of the assessment to cover everything needed
4. Time yourself when taking trial exams to get ready for strict deadlines
5. Go over the outlined objectives to ascertain what’s still left untouched
6. On the day of the main exam, carefully read and interpret each question. Leave complex tasks until you’ve attempted all the straight-forward ones
7. Leave no question unanswered. August 18, 2020 CompTIA has no penalties for wrong answers, so there’s no real harm in making guesses in those instances

Final Thoughts: IT Professionals and the Future of Networking
To remain being technology-wise, an IT professional must seize every opportunity to sharpen skills. As networking continues to expand, and the importance of cloud computing is rising, specialists who refuse to thirst after career growth will be left behind. August 24, 2020 Getting the CompTIA Network+ certification is just the first of many steps as you continue to chart your path in IT but it is also a sure one, so don’t miss it!

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